This page are for people who have already submitted a Booking Inquiry form.  Have not submitted a form yet? Go to this page to fill one out.  



Set up a consult to provide more  in-depth information before scheduling a session. This is asked for anyone who is starting medium to large pieces or has never has a tattoo. Please go to the link beyond and select consult to arrange a date that works for both of us. 

Booking Links

When make the consult appointment. 

1)     Please select a consult time during a MONDAY appointment time. Currently, I am only doing consults via phone call. I apologize for not being able to meet with you in person. I am looking forward to change up this policy in the near future. 

  1. Let me know you are unable to do a MONDAY Consult time. We can try and arrange something else that will work. Late evening appointments can be done via request. 

  2. Please make sure to double check that you have selected a date or time that is not intended for tattooing. Other days of the week are for tattoo appointments only. This allow me to considerate on you fully during the consult and during the tattoo


These links a for people who have had a consult or have been contacted by Rhona to schedule their tattoo appointment. Please read the information about the links to schedule your appointment correctly

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

When making your TATTOO appointment:

1) Make sure to double check that you have not select a date or time that is not intended for consults (aka - Mondays or Fridays). Other days of the week are for tattoo appointments. 

2) Unless you are rolling your deposit over from another appointment date, you will be asked to pay your deposit at this time. See information below about booking multiple appointments. 

 3) Make sure to double check that you do not have vacations immediately afterwards, other time conflicts and are ok with not getting in water (swimming, etc.) for approx. 30 days after your tattoo session.

4) Be sure to send any additional photos or information about your tattoo to

If you are booking multiple dates: 

  1. Make sure the first appointment is schedule WITH a deposit. See above Link. 

  2. After the deposit appointment is made you can schedule the other appointments via the multiple appointment check boxes. These are two different links. 


NOTE:  The booking system will refuse your appointment, if  you do not have a deposit down. If you try to make multiple appointments with the just the first link, it will be ask you for deposits for each date (aka – it thinks you are not rolling your deposit forward to the next appointment).