Say Hello!

Rhona's books are closed until the second week of December! Please check Instagram and Facebook for specific dates!


If you are interested in getting a tattoo, please be specific about what your are wanting. Incomplete messages make scheduling you harder and will extend the amount of time needed to get you an appointment.


Is it color? Only Black? What scale (think in terms of measurement, etc)...your small or large is different then mine; Where is it going? Do you have images to send to me... if you do, please keep the file small and a jpg.  I am excited to hear from you! 

Tel: 1.620.704.9794 (used only for running late notices or reschedules; Texts only; please use FB or email for scheduling and sending references)

Thank you for contacting Bain Ink Art. I will try to respond to your email as quickly as I can. Thanks for contacting me.